sabato 29 giugno 2013

Hi I have not been posting so wait

sabato 10 dicembre 2011

domenica 14 agosto 2011


It's him with a new video

lunedì 23 maggio 2011

Coming soon

Sorry that I have not been writing any stories and posting posts but there will be some new books
coming out soon, so enjoy!!!

mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

domenica 15 agosto 2010

sabato 14 agosto 2010

Series 2

Come and read the brand new stories!

The Blobby Blob Blobs Are Moving House

Coming soon!

martedì 22 dicembre 2009

Blobby Blobs Christmas Special

It was Christmas Eve and everyone was yapping about Christmas day, but someone wasn’t.

“Come on Crazy Hair. Come and celebrate. It will be so much fun if we
do this together” said Yellow Face.

Suddenly Yellow Face’s cousin came in. “What’s going on here, then?” gasped cousin Yellow. “Crazy Hair is not joining in with the fun and it’s making us very, very, very sad!” cried Yellow Face and Mr. Nervous.

“Ok, I’m not celebrating a stupid Christmas” screamed Crazy Hair.
“Just leave him alone” whispered cousin Yellow “He’s always like this. There’s no point insisting .

“Look, the carolers are all here” cheered all the blobs. “Come on lets go and sing…